Program Descriptions

The Franklin Hampshire Career Center supports and promotes workforce and economic development in the region through the delivery of quality employment, training and education services for job seekers and employers. Our office is located in Greenfield, with satellite offices in Orange and Northampton. We serve 50 municipalities across the Franklin Hampshire and North Quabbin area.   This guide provides a general description of programs and services.  Our programs are state and federally funded and we are required to track and report on the number of customers and types of services provided.  For this reason, a prerequisite for participation in all Career Center programs is the completion of a registration form.  The registration form is available at the reception desk in all offices and is online here. Once registered with the Franklin Hampshire Career Center, a customer is registered with all One Stop Career Centers in Massachusetts.


Program Name:  WIOA Title I Dislocated Workers

Eligibility:  Customers who are laid off or terminated from their last position, and are able to collect Unemployment Insurance (unless they’ve had insufficient earnings), or a small business owner who closed their business due to economic conditions.  Ages 18 and up.

Program offers:  Eligible customers can receive enhanced services (including assessment, career counseling, in depth job search and others).  Customers may also be eligible for training assistance purchased through the Individual Training Accounts (ITA) system including Certificate programs at Community Colleges, CNA, Class A and B tractor trailer licenses, computer courses and more.

How does a customer obtain services? 

Customers complete a Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) eligibility form at reception and sign up for an Information session.  Customers are pre-screened for program eligibility and assigned an Orientation date.  This process takes time and is popular in the current economy.


Program Name: WIOA Title I -Displaced Homemaker Program

Eligibility:  Displaced Homemakers who have been dependent on the income of another family member but are no longer supported by that income, and are unemployed or underemployed and experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.

Program offers:  (See above) Same as WIOA Title I-Dislocated Workers.

How does a customer obtain services? 

(See above) Same as WIOA Title I-Dislocated Workers.


Program Name:  Rapid Response

The Rapid Response program helps businesses manage change, whether they are expanding or downsizing.

Program offers:  The Division of Career Services Rapid Response Team provides employers with alternatives to layoffs. If an Employer needs to lay off staff, they offer an early smooth transition to new employment for all affected employees.

How does a customer obtain services?


When notified of a layoff, downsizing, or closing; the Rapid Response Team communicates directly with company officials on their needs and what is helpful to avoid layoffs.  They educate employers on various state and local programs .When layoffs can’ t be avoided; the team proposes a schedule to introduce  services at the location in a manner that will be most convenient for the company’s ongoing daily operations.  Information on the One Stop Career Center services and programs and the Unemployment program are a priority.


With the Company’s consent, the Rapid Response team meets with employees:

  • to inform them of their eligibility and Unemployment Insurance benefits as laid off workers
  • to answer basic questions about unemployment insurance
  • to register and refer them to One Stop Career Centers
  • to conduct a survey of employee needs (such as retraining and skills upgrading)
  • to orient them to the content and timetables of the various on-site Rapid Response services 

Program Name:  Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA)

Eligibility:  Customers who are laid off or terminated by a company that has been declared eligible by the Department of Labor (companies are certified because jobs have moved overseas, there has been a drastic cut in the industry, or for another reason).  The companies usually inform their employees of this. 

Program offers:  TRA eligible customers can receive enhanced services such as assessment, career counseling, job search assistance, training, extended unemployment benefits, job search allowances, relocation allowances, travel money, and ATAA.

How does a customer obtain services? 

A Trade customer needs to be immediately in contact with a Career center to schedule a TRADE Orientation and WIOA Orientation.  The time frames for services (waivers/training) are very tight.  Trade customers should complete a job seeker form and a WIOA eligibility form at reception, and write TRAon the top of the job seeker form.


Program Name:  WIOA Title I- Economically Disadvantaged Adults

Eligibility:  Adults over 18 who meet federally defined annual income eligibility.  Those who have collected food stamps and welfare in the past 6 months are automatically eligible.

Program offers:  Eligible customers can receive enhanced services (including assessment, career counseling, in depth job search and others).  Customers may also be eligible for training assistance purchased through the Individual Training Accounts (ITA) system including Certificate programs at Community Colleges, CNA, Class A and B tractor trailer licenses, computer courses and more.

How does a customer obtain services? 

Customers complete a Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) eligibility form at reception and sign up for an Information session.  Customers are pre-screened for program eligibility and assigned an Orientation date.


Program Name:  DTA Comprehensive Integrated Employment Services

Eligibility:  Transitional Assistance for Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) recipients with an open case who are ready to obtain employment. 

Program offers:  The program offers High School Equivalency classes, career counseling, job training, job search and job placement.  It can assist with transportation, child care and training and job related expenses (books, uniforms, etc.).  Training selected must be vocational and to able to be completed within one year.  The program can assist DTA families meet their work requirement.

How does a customer obtain services? 

The customer must have a referral from a DTA caseworker.  Clients are encouraged to talk to career center staff in person or on the phone to do a prescreening assessment.


Program Name:  Youth Programs-Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act

Eligibility:  WIOA Youth programs serve persons between the ages of 14 and 21 (inclusive) who are citizens or legally able to work in the U.S., registered for selective service (if male and 18 years old or older), and low income.  If the family receives TAFDC, food stamps, SSI, or if the young person is in foster care or homeless they are automatically income eligible.  Those interested must also meet one of the additional criteria such as: being a high school drop out, being a young parent, having reading/math skills below the 8th grade level, being a foster child, being a law offender, etc.

Program offers the following services and activities to youth:

  • Preparation for and success in employment, including year round and summer subsidized jobs, skills training.  Job readiness training, resumes, interview techniques, job search skills, career interest exploration, long and short term goal setting, etc. 
  • Improving educational success including assessment and referral to High School Equivalency programs for youth who have left school without a high school diploma.
  • A counselor to assist the young person in creating and meeting goals. 
  • Peer leadership opportunities. 

How does a customer obtain services? 

Young people can obtain services by first contacting the Community Action Youth Programs or the Franklin Hampshire Career Center.


Program Name:  Youth Pathways – School to Work & Connecting Activities

Eligibility:  Young people enrolled in an educational program such as a Public School, Home-Schooling, in a G.E.D. classroom, or Alternative Learning Program are eligible.  Students between the ages of 12- 21 years old may participate.  Most students are between the ages of 15-18 and attend high school.  There is no income or academic requirements, only an interest in discovering a potential career path.

School-To-Work (STW) Programs are offered at local schools.  Guidance Counselors can tell students what is offered at school for various age/grade level or put student in touch with STC staff.

STW Programs/Activities (not all at every school)

  • Job/Career Interest Assessments
  • World-of-Work Preparedness Programs
  • Job-Shadows at a Business
  • Internship Placement at Business
  • Employment/Job Search Assistance
  • Career Days/Career Field Trips
  • Resume, Application, Cover Letter Prep.
  • Interview Workshops
  • Networking, Job Search & Follow-through
  • Career Speakers
  • Online Job Readiness Courses for Teachers & Individuals
  • Professional Development Workshops for Teachers & Guidance Counselors

How Does A Customer Obtain Services? 

Visit school Guidance Counselor or Main Office at school, or contact the coordinator at the address below.

Program Name:  High School Equivalency Test Program

The HiSET(tm) (the High School Equivalency Test) exam is a new high school equivalency testing program that replaces the former GED program. This new testing program recently adopted by Massachusetts will help you take the next step toward a college degree or a rewarding career.

The HiSET(tm)  program classes are held at the Greenfield Career Center 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Thursday. Individual tutoring by our instructor is offered on a limited basis for college placement (Accuplacer), the MCAS test and the HISET(tm) test.

STEM Careers (no current program)

For a list of STEM occupations (occupations that require education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines) go to

For more information on STEM Careers visit or contact:


Program Name: Middle Skills Manufacturing Initiative (MSMI)           

Local manufacturers have highlighted the strong need for new and experienced workers in advanced manufacturing. Due to the aging workforce and high demand, there are now more precision manufacturing jobs than qualified workers to fill them. Experienced precision machinists can make $40,000 to $75,000 annually.

As a response to this acute and persistent need the Franklin Hampshire Regional Employment Board has partnered with the FH Career Centers, Greenfield Community College (GCC), Franklin County Technical School (FCTS) and a consortium of area manufacturing companies to offer the MSMI CNC Machine Operator training program. This 13 week/300 hour intensive training program is designed to prepare qualified unemployed and underemployed adults for entry-level CNC machine operator positions which pay an average of $15.50 to start.

The MSMI training is offered twice a year Spring and Fall and takes place on weekday evenings at FCTS. The curriculum includes Blueprint Reading, Math for Manufacturing, Metrology, MasterCam, and CAD/CAM instruction, with a significant portion of the training dedicated to hands-on CNC machining applications in a lab/shop setting plus 60+ hours of online training.

As a result of a new US DOL grant at GCC the Foundational Manufacturing Initiative (FMI) training will be offered 3 times per year (Spring, Summer and Fall). This 5 week/100 hour training covers Blueprint Reading, Manufacturing Math, Metrology, Lean, Safety and Career Readiness.

Both training programs are FREE to qualified applicants. Those interested in being considered for these  programs should register for one of the upcoming Manufacturing Training Info Sessions  by calling 413-774-4361 or rsvp at

Further information about our regional manufacturing industry can be found here.

Green Careers (no current program)

For information on Green careers please visit our website: Green Careers Tools and Resources

The best place to start is with our Green Careers Orientation produced by our last Green Careers Coach which has an audio track and contains the latest information on green careers.

Don’t forget to check out the rich Resource page and the Green Jobs Board for the latest local postings!


Program Name:  Senior Community Service Employment Program

The Franklin Hampshire Career Center helps older adults (age 55 and older) find employment by building the skills and confidence they need to find permanent employment.
Low-income elders who meet certain eligibility requirements and hope to enter or re-enter the workforce may be eligible to participate in a training and employment program. The primary goal of the program is to place Senior Aides in unsubsidized employment.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a program administered by the Department of Labor. It serves unemployed low-income persons who are 55 years of age and older and who have poor employment prospects by training them in part-time community service assignments and by assisting them in developing skills and experience to facilitate their transition to unsubsidized employment.

Program Name:  Veteran Employment and Training Services

Eligibility:  Veterans under Massachusetts law are defined as a person who has either: 180 days of regular active duty service and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions; – OR – 90 days of active duty service, one day of which is during “wartime” (as specified by the current Chart of Definitions for veteran status eligibility); and dependents of Veterans who meet certain criteria are also eligible to receive veterans’ benefits and services.

Program offers:  The VETS program provides dedicated veterans’ services staff to ensure the veteran customers receive priority job seeker and counseling service within the One Stop Career Center.  All veteran customers are offered the opportunity for case management to optimize service levels.  Veterans receive priority in all appropriate Career Center services including workshops, Career Center Seminars, training opportunities as well as referrals as necessary to local, state or federal agencies for services or other assistance. 

How does a customer obtain services?  Veterans are directed to a LVER (Local Veterans’ Employment Representative) or DVOP (Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program) specialist at the Career Center for initial consultation, assessment and intake, job development and referral, training, or other services as requested.

Program Name:  Disabled Customer Job Search Assistance

Eligibility:  Any individual self identifying with a disability.

Program offers:  Assistance to disabled job seekers entering into the One-Stop Career Center system.  Staff can facilitate access to programs and services and job development referrals, and conduct outreach to agencies and organizations that serve individuals with disabilities.  Career Centers in Northampton and Greenfield are fully accessible with modified job search workstations and auxiliary aids.

How does a customer obtain services? 

Individuals complete a job seeker form provided by reception, or download it from and mail/fax it to the Career Center.


Program Name:  Individual Job Seeker Assistance

Eligibility:  All registered Career Center Customers

What the program offers:  Job Search Assistance, Resource Area Assistance, Résumé Consults (previously scheduled) or résumé review, Job Matching, job referrals and information about other services and programs. Job Matching allows the computer to match qualified Job Seekers to Career Center Job Postings by job skills rather than by job titles.    The system also allows employers to have access to qualified job seekers through a talent search which is done when they post a job.

How does a customer obtain services? 

Walk in or call the Career Center.

Program Name:  Workshops

Eligibility:  All registered customers.

Program Offers:  Information about résumés, coping with job loss and staying positive, cover letters, interviewing, overcoming age barriers, and networking in a small, interactive workshop setting.  Opportunities to get feedback about résumés and cover letters and practice interviewing are also available at workshops. Classes are also offered in Windows and Microsoft Word.

How does a customer obtain services? 

Any staff person can sign customers up for workshops. Call the Career Center.


Program Name:  Recruitments & Job Fairs

Eligibility:  All registered customers

Program Offers:  Regular opportunities for employers and employment agencies to interview prospective employees.  Often includes application and preliminary interviews. 

How does a customer obtain services? 

Look for posted and advertised job fairs.  Come prepared with a resume and dressed to interview.


Program Name:  Employer Services

Eligibility:  Any employer in Massachusetts or in the bordering states.

Program offers:  Provides quality customer service to local employers pertaining to job fairs and recruitments, Labor market information, Workforce Training Funds and hiring incentives (& WOTC), or career center services.  Staff will meet with employers and write job orders, schedule and run targeted recruitments and explain state training grant programs.

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