Ex-Offender Services

The Massachusetts Parole Board Reentry Program provides transitional planning, supervision, and assistance to former offenders and directs them to relevant services that promote responsible conduct. One of those services is the Franklin Hampshire Career Center.

Ex-offenders face multiple barriers to employment — unexplained gaps in the work history, problems with references, background check clearance, lack of access to technology training. The Franklin Hampshire Career Center serves all job seeking customers, including ex-offenders. We have job search materials specifically designed for ex-offenders. In addition, the Federal Bonding Program can be utilized once an ex-offender has a job offer. This can be a good tool to use if an employer is hesitant about hiring and bonding might make the difference. We also have information regarding CORI checks and what can be expected when being CORIed.

The Career Center partners with the Hampshire and Franklin County Houses of correction to provide pre-release career counseling and job readiness training to inmates. Our registration process is easy to complete and must be done to become a Career Center member and access our services. Contact the Career Center at (413) 774-4361 (Greenfield) or (413) 586-6506 (Northampton) for more information.

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